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  • Each therapist has a profile that can be assessed before making the choice of working with them or not. Check for their specialties and go for the therapist whose niche covers your specific needs.
  • Asides being a connection platform between clients and therapists, at the core of our services at is a resource center containing contents or guides across different mental health topics. We believe it is easier to fight what you know, and this is why we have this resources containing articles and tools such as a journal for thought collection and more.
  • As soon as you have completed the sign-up process, go to the page where the therapists are listed and choose one that suits your needs and fits your requirements. Please note that does not match users with therapists. The choice of therapist would be yours to make.
  • The duration of a standard session is fifty minutes to an hour. Make sure to check with your therapist if they have a different duration.
  • While our major media of providing mental health care is online/teletherapy, we can make an exception for you if you really would prefer physical sessions. All you have to do is send a mail to, stating your preferences and we would be in touch.
  • We would be delighted to have you on board! Head over to to commence the onboarding process.
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