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Mytherapist.ng offers quality and affordable therapy services to everyone desiring a healthier & happier life. It's therapy on your terms!


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Mytherapist.ng is a mental healthcare platform that connects you to professional therapists at affordable rates. Get access to licensed & experienced therapists, and book an appointment with them from the comfort of your home.

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Mobile Journal

Our mobile journal offers an easy and secure way to track your progress and growth, find inspiration and strengthen your consciousness one entry at a time.

Take personality tests

Improve your self-awareness and better understand your tendencies by attempting quizzes that reveal how you think, feel, and behave.

Take breathing exercises

Kick back and relax with simulated breathing guides that reduce your anxiety, improve your mood and help you sleep better at night.


Ease your mind and increase your focus with simple steps that help you find emotional balance and experience more peacefulness

Therapy Made Simple And Convenient

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Fund Your Wallet

You get a personal wallet when you sign up to aid you in booking sessions. Make easy transfers from your bank account to your Mytherapist.ng wallet on your profile dashboard.

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Pick a therapist of your choice, schedule an appointment for a session, and you're good to go!

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We'd be glad to have you onboard. Join our team of vetted therapy practitioners offering in-demand services on our platform, and get enlisted today.

Abigail Oni

Trauma care, PTSD, Anxiety, Relationship & Life challenges.

Toluse Dove Francis

Grief, Depression, Relationship and Life coaching

Babatunde Oladipupo

Relationship, Marital, Sex, Drug Abuse

Sandra Anyahaebi

Trauma, Relationship & Family Counselling

Professional Therapy At Your Fingertips - Literally

Take assurance in the rigorous training and selection process our therapists have been put through to ensure your well-being is cared for by experts only.

Get matched in minutes with well-qualified therapists ready to guide you on your journey to recovery.


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Resources and tools

Visit our comfort store

Our products are designed with positive affirmation captions that serve as a subtle reminder of how amazing you are. You can count on them to brighten your day and give you the boost in confidence you need to get through it.


Find out how we advocate for mental health, importance of prioritizing mental health and more.

More Than Just An App; It's A Companion.

There are no limits with the Mytherapist.ng mobile app by your side. Get access to features delicately designed for improving your mental health on the go. It's therapy in your pocket!